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Art of Tantra Massage II.

Course location: Brussels, Belgium
Course price: 150 €, sale for students
Course guide: David Kopecký

Advanced Course.

Complex teaching of overall male tantric massage which includes the massage of a prostate and groin and intimity massage that is very deep and cleanse the body especially from some emotional debris associated with sexuality.

The prostate is a nice place for a man and with a right touch and intent it can cause orgasmic internal feelings similar to a woman. Prostate massage completely relaxes the entire pelvic area and clear blocks that restrict movement and vitality in this area, which usually cause numbness, erection problems, aversion to sexual life, problems in the back and so on. Large population of men between 35 - 50 years ago are now struggling with health problems around the prostate. Prostate massage cannot cure these problems but it is recommended as one of the possibilities of prevention.

The course is designed for advanced practicioners, required is experience with tantra massage from one of the weekend seminars at (Touch of Tantra and Tai Chi or the Art of tantric massage I.,mini course Return to touch) or similarly oriented courses at other organizers. For those with no previous experience is necessary a personal consultation.