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Tantra massage for men

Course location: Brussels, Belgium
Course price: 190€
Course guide: David Kopecký

Taste of intimity massage for men.

Weekend course of tantra massage for gay/bi men specially beginners. Tasting and complete basis for understanding Tantric massage as a touchtherapy for body and soul.

What do we offer?

  • introduction to tantra massage on "your own skin" (you can compare it with the prejudices that tend to appear around a tantric massage)
  • reminding of the power of touch, pleasant attunement with yourselves and find a rest from the outsideworld (turning off the head and thoughts)
  • extension of learned techniques to other massage procedures
  • Each tutorial has a different thematic orientation
  • we will show and learn tantric massage ritual and massage techniques about full body oil massage
  • you will try change of massage as giver and as receiver 

The program includes:

• practical demonstration of tantric massage
• explanation of tantric principles and approaches in massage
• sharing experience and feelings before and after massage
• passing on experiences from several years of massage practice
• conselling, personal consultations 

The Tantric massage deepens intimacy in yourself and your relationships. While doing the massage a strongly conscious and pleasurable connection is created between both actors who respect each other extending their own limits. The Massage is about honesty and sensuality towards receiver. It can gradually help to release fear from touching or closeness of other person. You can get rid of shyness and learn how to love your own body. Deep relaxation and specific energy is being created which brings us feelings of bigger pleasure, happiness, relaxation and inner bliss during practising the tantric massage.

How does the course works and what will you learn?

This weekend course, for gay, bisexual and "open minded" men is specialized in tantric massage and releasing techniques in pursuit of touch and energy building. There are several demonstrations and practical lessons on colourfull and sensual tantric massage rituals with oil massages taking place along. We will offer You the inspiration for developing sensual massage. Simple Tai chi techniques are added to the course; these will be focused on balancing and activation the energy field of Your body. We will learn how to energetically "connect" the giver and the reciever. Couples and singles are welcome. There is no age restriction.